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The idea was born on a road trip from Waco, Texas to Ferndale, California. 

Merritt Brodt and her daughter, Callie Alexandre, had gone to the Lone Star State to source antiques for their artisan shop, The Farmer’s Daughter, in downtown Ferndale. 

Callie, whose husband's married family owns and operates Alexandre Farms (one of the few organic dairies to produce A2/A2 milk AND secure coveted shelf space at Whole Foods’ across the country) had the idea: 

“What if we renovated the barn and turned it into an Airbnb?”

Merritt, mother of 3, grandmother of 4, owner of 500 cows, and founder of The Farmer's Daughter, was skeptical at first.  She had a pretty full plate already!

Upon arriving back home in their lush, almost Ireland-like town just a few hours north of San Francisco, Callie was able to convince Merrit and her husband Brian to give it a shot...and the whole family got to work.  

Their mission?  To create a piece of heaven on Earth. Tune in to hear Merritt and her daughter-in-law Amanda share the inspiring story of how the family came together to bring The Farm Stay at the Bluff to life. 

To book your stay at the Bluff, or to connect with the Brodt family, visit the links below! 

Oh, and the next time you're at the grocery store and pick up a delicious block of Rumiano's Cheese or a pint of Humboldt Creamery's ice cream, say a little "thank you" to Merritt and the Brodt family...chances are, the milk came from one of their cows! 

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Zach is the Co-Founder of Sponstayneous, a weekly newsletter that brings subscribers the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals on Airbnb. When COVID hit, he and his wife Gabby broke out of the lease on their 750-square foot apartment in Washington, DC to beta test the digital nomad lifestyle. Zach and Gabby have spent the past year living full-time on Airbnb — they've stayed in 50+ homes to date! 

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