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Every Wednesday evening, receive a carefully curated list of the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals in Airbnb.

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No need to scroll through hundreds of listings and waste valuable time.‍

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"Sick-Of-Studio-Life" Singles

Let's be honest. Your bed as your desk isn't working.

It's time for a change of scenery and to try your hand at this remote-work thing from a space you can breathe in.

Let Sponstayneous introduce you to your new work week. Greener pastures this way!


"Last-Minute" Leisure-Seekers

Yeah,'ve put off scheduling that vacation because life is caaarazy. 

But, there's a long weekend right around the corner, and you're determined to make the most of it.

Pop open this week's edition of Sponstayneous and check out those last minute-deals. Cheers to you for showing up for vaca...finally!


"Wanna-Be-Swiss-Family-Robinson" Warriors

They make it look sooo easy on insta. And it can be!

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Our Partners*


*And by partners, we mean aspirational partners...these are a few of the brands we'd welcome collaborations with. Is your start-up the next Away, Peloton, or Patagonia? Let's chat about partnerships over a virtual happy hour.

Nice to meet you

A little bit about us...

Hi! My name is Zach, and I like building things.

No, not cool things like entertainment centers or custom floating shelves — putting together IKEA furniture gives me anxiety.

I like building brands.

By day, I lead marketing, product dev, and brand strategy at DD Agency, Enrollify, Novus, and DD Studio.

Sponstayneous is the sandbox I get to play in after 5(ish)pm.

When COVID-19 hit, my wife and I decided to break out of our 750-square foot apartment in Washington, DC and beta test the digital nomad lifestyle by hopping around to new Airbnbs every 2-4 weeks. You can follow our personal journey at AirGnZ.

We've spent hours on Airbnb and have learned a thing or ten about how to discern the wheat from the chaff, when to book (and when not to), and how to find the best deals.

Our desire is to share some of our learnings with you through this platform! For now, we hope to do so through this carefully curated weekly newsletter. Enjoy!

Listen to our Podcast – Behind the Stays

After our first couple of Airbnbs, we found ourselves talking most nights about the character of the bungalow, apartment, or lake house we were staying in. Our hosts were all fantastic communicators, but there’s only so much you can learn via the guest book and the occasional “check-in” texts.

We were hungry to learn more about the story behind the place. Was this their first home? What’s up with the mural in the bathroom? Was the dining table custom made? Did they build the home from the ground up specifically to rent out on Airbnb?

And that’s when the idea of hosting a podcast that featured the stories of the hosts behind the stays was born. Our goal is to use this space to bring you the stories behind your favorite Airbnbs and the hosts who’ve made them memorable.

Episode 12: How to Build a Modern Mountain Home That Stands Out on Airbnb

In just a moment, you’ll meet Andrew and Bianca — founders of the Serenity Hill Group, a growing collection of luxury Airbnb escapes in the White ...

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Episode 11: How They Built Bespoke Airbnbs to Help Fund Their Goat Dairy: The Story Behind Big Picture Farm

In just a moment you’ll meet Louisa Conrad, Co-Founder of Big Picture Farm.  Big Picture Farm is a Vermont farmstead goat dairy and ...

Stream Episode

Episode 10: How to Transform a Backyard Shed into a Luxury Airbnb Cottage

In just a moment you’ll meet Maris LeBlanc and JR Amantea, the creators of The Little House of Essex — a chic cottage near the Connecticut River ...

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What we hope you'll all be saying soon...

Future Subscriber Testimonials



I booked an extended stay in the Shenandoah Valley for my family of five that I found via Sponstayneous. Virtual learning near the fire pit? I think yes.

Mama Monica

"Man-I-Need-A-Break" Mama



I found a sweet deal on a bungalow in the woods with faster Wi-Fi  than my ethernet at home. Thanks Sponstayneous for finding me a stay that made frozen-free video calls possible and virtual backgrounds obsolete!

Single Sam

"Sick-Of-Studio-Life" Singles



I signed off from work at 5PM on Wednesday and scanned the last-minute deals featured in the Sponstayneous newsletter. By 7:47PM, I had booked a rustic chic loft in Austin. The very next day, my sister and I arrived to a welcome bottle of champs for her surprise belated bday weekend celebration! And she was none-the-wiser...

Last-Minute Leslie

"Last-Minute" Leisure-Seeker

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