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Meet Chad Ludeman, Co-Founder of Post Green Homes and Lokal Hotel.

Chad moved around a lot as a kid, but spent high school in upstate New York.  He’s an engineer by trade, but an entrepreneur at heart.

Courtney, Chad’s wife and business partner, was Chad’s most critical sounding board — she shot down most of his business ideas until he started talking about real estate.

There was one idea, in particular, that Chad and Courtney both agreed was worth pursuing and that was to build a 1,000 square foot house for $100k.  This project was the birth of the couple’s first business, Post Green Homes.

And while they learned a lot through this venture, they realized that their hearts were really in the hospitality space.  And it was this realization that ultimately led them to found Lokal Hotel —  a collection of design driven boutique luxury hotels. 

Tune in to hear the exciting story of how Chad and Courtney built their brand and their first three hotels. 

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In every marketplace, there are the Davids and Goliaths.  
While it’s hard to fathom now, Amazon was a David when Borders and Barnes and Noble were the bookstore Goliaths.  
And don’t forget that Apple was a David when Xerox, IBM, and Motorola were consumer technology Goliaths. 
Today, I want to introduce you to the David of short-term-rental platforms — a company called Wander.
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Wanders aren't vacation homes, they're better. Inspiring views, modern workstations, restful beds, hotel-grade cleaning and 24/7 concierge service are just a few of the guarantees that come when you stay with Wander. 

Wander is in search of high-end vacation homes in incredible locations around the US (think national parks, beaches, mountains…) with proven annual revenue.
If you are a short-term rental owner looking to sell your property to someone who will appreciate what you’ve  built, send the Wander team an email with all the important deets (like monthly rev, monthly expenses, yada yada) to hello@wander.com.
If Wander makes an offer, you can count on it being all cash, quick and hassle-free. 
So if you’ve been thinking of selling, even remotely, why not start a conversation with our friends at Wander? Send them an email at hello@wander.com
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Zach Busekrus

Co-Founder of Sponstayneous

Zach is the Co-Founder of Sponstayneous, a weekly newsletter that brings subscribers the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals on Airbnb. When COVID hit, he and his wife Gabby broke out of the lease on their 750-square foot apartment in Washington, DC to beta test the digital nomad lifestyle. Zach and Gabby have spent the past year living full-time on Airbnb — they've stayed in 50+ homes to date! 

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