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Published January 12, 2022

About This Episode

In just a moment, you’ll meet Annie Sloane — Co-Founder and CEO of The Host Co.

Have you ever been in an Airbnb and wished you could buy one of the coffee mugs, rugs, or pieces of artwork from the home?  

Or perhaps wished you could order some groceries ahead of time so that you arrive to a fully-stocked fridge upon check-in?  

Well, thanks to The Host Co., you now can! 

Annie was an early adopter of Airbnb — she remembers when you used to have to hand cash to your host upon arrival to pay for your stay!

After working as a writer for Lucasfilm, a producer for HGTV, and a creative director at both Facebook and Twitter, Annie began thinking about doing something new.

Around this time, she reconnected with Mikel Hubbard, a former colleague from HGTV.  Annie and Mikel helped launch and direct a myriad of popular HGTV shows like Curb Appeal, Landscape Smart, Color Splash, Find Your Style, and Design to Sell — so they knew a thing or two about real estate.

Tune in to hear the exciting story of how Annie and Mikel are building the mini-bar, concierge, and gift shop for your Airbnb.

Alright, without further ado, get ready to meet Annie Sloane. 

Learn more about The Host Co. by visiting their website at or by following them on Instagram @thehostcompany

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About the Host

Zach Busekrus

Co-Founder of Sponstayneous

Zach is the Co-Founder of Sponstayneous, a weekly newsletter that brings subscribers the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals on Airbnb. When COVID hit, he and his wife Gabby broke out of the lease on their 750-square foot apartment in Washington, DC to beta test the digital nomad lifestyle. Zach and Gabby have spent the past year living full-time on Airbnb — they've stayed in 50+ homes to date! 

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