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How It Works

How do I sign up and start earning prizes?

If you are not currently subscribed to Sponstayneous, you must first subscribe here to participate in the referral program.  Once you do so, you will automatically receive a custom referral link to share with friends, fam, and coworkers.  If you are already subscribed, you can find your custom referral link above or at the bottom of the latest Sponstayneous edition. 

Each individual that subscribes to Sponstayneous using your custom referral link counts as one referral point.

What is considered a referral?

Each invidual that subscribes to Sponstayneous using your custom referral link counts as one referral.  The more individuals you sign up, the more referral points you'll earn.

Referrals must have a valid email address and must not already be subscribed to Sponstayneous.  Sponstanyeous reserves the right to disqualify referrals for any reason at any time without any notice, including, but not limited to, referrals we deem to be fraudulent.  Any referral program participant that refers fradulent emails will be disqualified from participating in the referral program.

When will I receive my prize(s)?

Once you have signed up the requisite number of referrals, we will contact you to let you know that you are eligible to redeem your referral points for a prize.  At that time, we will ask for your address and prize preference so that we may ship the prize to you.

Can prizes be shipped internationally?

No, unfortunately we are unable to ship prizes internationally at this time. If you would like to gift your prize to a friend or family member in the United States, we are happy to make that arrangement.