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Meet Hans Lorei —  Head of Design at Investmet.com and one of the most beloved designers in the short-term rental and boutique hospitality corners of the internet. 

Hans was working at a bar in Nashville when he overheard a couple of real estate developers discussing a new luxury build they were working on nearby, and something about their conversation sparked inspiration in Hans. 

He asked if he could come and check out their project and the duo said yes.  And while Hans couldn’t have known it at the time, this would prove to be a pivotal moment in his life and the first step in his journey to becoming a realtor, learning the ropes of development, and applying his creative talents to the hospitality space.

In this conversation, Hans and I discuss:

-  Why STR hosts should invest way more in design

-  Why hosts should think about their yards as an extension of their homes

-  How to ensure that every item you buy for your STR is aligned with your brand

- And loads more.

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Zach Busekrus

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Zach is the Co-Founder of Sponstayneous, a weekly newsletter that brings subscribers the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals on Airbnb. When COVID hit, he and his wife Gabby broke out of the lease on their 750-square foot apartment in Washington, DC to beta test the digital nomad lifestyle. Zach and Gabby have spent the past year living full-time on Airbnb — they've stayed in 50+ homes to date! 

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